Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear

Actively protects against rot, decay and blue staining mould

Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear
  • Actively prevents rot and decay.
  • Use as a basecoat before painting staining or varnishing.
  • Colourless preserver for interior* and exterior use.

Great products that allow you to turn even the ugliest of sheds into a pretty feature.

Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear is a colourless general-purpose preserver for interior* or exterior use. It gives deep penetrating protection to sound wood against decay, mould and blue-staining fungi.

*Occasionally wet or interior wood with risk of condensation.

How much do you need?

1L covers up to 5m² with 2 coats.

5L covers up to 25m² with 2 coats.

Coverage can vary depending on application method and the condition and nature of the surface.

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Before application remove excessive dirt and soiling, large areas of algae, lichen or fungi using an appropriate fungicidal wash or cleaner designed for the job. Wood that has been wood-stained, painted or vanished should be stripped back to bare wood and treated as bare wood. Do not use this product to treat wood destined for in ground contact use. Ensure that timber used in ground contact has been pre-treated especially for such use.
Apply 2 even coats with a brush. Leave the first coat to soak in before applying the second but reapply before the first is fully dry (typically 2-6 hours). Leave 16 hours for the second coat to dry before painting, staining or vanishing. Do not spray.


The drying time is 16 hours. Drying times can vary depending on the nature of the surface and the weather conditions.


After use: remove as much product as possible from equipment before cleaning with water. Do not use or store in extremes of temperature.