About Cuprinol

Cheer up your Garden with Cuprinol!

Our philosophy

We call our philosophy Cuprinology.

At Cuprinol we are passionate about wood! Cuprinology is at the heart of what we believe in, cheering up unloved gardens with creative and practical wood care solutions. We believe beautiful wood can transform your garden into a brighter, more inviting place which you can be proud of. Cuprinol, cheer it up!

The environment


At Cuprinol we are passionate about wood so we understand the importance of safeguarding the world's forests, as well as the people that live and work in them. That's why we are working in partnership with the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) to help protect the supply of wood for the future.

Look for the FSC tick tree logo when buying 'forest products' such as wood or paper. This way you can be confident the products you are buying originate from well managed forests.

Cuprinol & the environment